Wood Pellets


We are proud to offer locally produced, premium wood pellets in addition to fossil fuels. This all natural, renewable resource is available for pick up or delivery. Pellets are for sale by the ton, half ton, or individual bag.

Transported to your Bangor Area home in 40 pound bags. We‘ll place the pallet in your garage; all you have to do is burn them!

Bulk pellet delivery is available.

Individual bags are available at:

  • Dysart’s Truckstop fuel desk (24/7)
  • Old Town, Broadway, Pittsfield, & Lincoln Dysart’s Travel Stops

Energex & Dysarts $5.59 a bag


PELLETS – ton/bulk

Energex Pellets $259/ton

Dysart Pellets (softwood) $259/ton

Corinth Pellets (Bulk) $255/ton (3 ton minimum)

All brands: $70 delivery fee