Heating Fuel & Energy


From a name Maine residents have trusted for over 50 years for their heating and energy needs!

Get the solutions you need to keep you warm and running by choosing Dysart’s for heating oil, gas, firewood, and more!


Heat your home or business with a name you already trust! We offer Heating Oil, Pellets, Coal, Firewood, & Enviro Wood Briquettes.
Call our heating department today or send us an email with your name, address, and phone number with the amount that you would like delivered. Click on the boxes below to fill out a personal or business credit application!

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Other Products & Pricing:

  • Regular 100 gallons: $2.529 or 400 gallons: $2.429
  • Blended Price per gallon: $2.829
  • Kerosene Price per gallon: $3.229
  • Any delivery under 100 gallons will have a $20 service charge. Call now to order! Corey @ 922-1515 or Michele @ 922-1516
    Email: homeheat@dysarts.com (Prices are subject to change. To lock in your price you must pay when you place your order.