Heat with coal? Dysart’s centrally located in Maine, offers coal products to Hermon & Bangor, ME area residents


Coal is one of the true measures of the energy strength of the United States.


Coal is an inexpensive fuel for heating, and that is enough to get the attention of a lot of people in these days of high priced fuels. Coal begins to look good also because it is “made in America” which means using it for heating reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Anthracite coal, mined in Pennsylvania, is the type used in home heating. It is the harder type. Modern coal burning stoves are designed to burn efficiently without creating air pollutants.

And like wood, coal makes a very warm fire. In fact, some people who heat with coal find that it makes an even warmer fire than wood does. The new coal stoves are available with a variety of features that make them cleaner and easier to use than ever before.