Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go

Are you making plans for Thanksgiving Dinner?  Make your Holiday restful, not stressful!  Why not order a Thanksgiving Dinner to-go and your favorite 11 inch pies. We’ll do the work. Order a Thanksgiving Day feast created by the Dysart’s team.  It serves 4 or 5 guests and includes everything you need, including turkey and all […]

Fresh Maine Apple Pie

Pick ‘em, peEl ’em, and pie ‘em Few things say fall in New England better than an afternoon apple picking.  Families load up their car and drive to an orchard, where growers have trained their trees to grow low to the ground to enable easy access for the pickers.  Bags are filled with bushels of […]

A Buttery Flaky Blog

Precisely what I’d worked to prevent from happening, happened.  And as it happens, it couldn’t have happened any better. Sutherland Weston worked with Mary Hartt to craft the “Real Mainers” radio and television campaign for Dysart’s Restaurant and Truck Stop in 2012. The campaign featured true customers sharing what they love on Dysart’s menu, and […]

Burger and a Milkshake

If you grew up in the Bangor Area chances are we don’t have to tell you how good  Dysart’s milkshakes are.  Guessing you have memories of gathering on one of our long tables with your friends around 10 p.m. for a burger, and of course, a milkshake. These are not just a soft serve shake.  […]

Bees to Blueberry Muffins

Wild blueberries are Maine’s state fruit. Every day, at Dysart’s, we see trucks and professional drivers moving products that  are critical to Maine’s economy, to our families, to our businesses, and so much more. ‘You’ might look out the windows at Dysart’s and just see trucks.  What you are really seeing is products being moved. […]

Free Cookies? Free cookies!

For a limited time when you order food online at we’ll give you a bag of cookies! For a limited time and while supplies last, a bag of cookies could be yours! All you have to do is order your take out online at our Coldbrook Road location or at our Broadway location. Come […]

Dysart’s 217 Autocar

Have you ever wondered about the big green truck with the flag as you exit off I 95 southbound?  Our Dad and Grandfather, Dave Dysart loved 217.  If you had been on the road the day of Dave’s funeral in 1999, you may have been surprised at the site of the 180 tractors escorting the […]


There is an controversy over whether a shortcake should be “cakelike” or “biscuitlike”. Some culinary researchers claim that’s a regional preference, we in Maine, historically make our shortcakes with biscuits.  In the absence of definitive proof, we’re going to stay out of that fight. We’ll just say that biscuit versions are what we have always […]

Who’s Dave – of Dave’s Hash?

Another question could be – Who would want to open a 24/7 Truck Stop? We would answer, our Dad and Grandfather. He was a friend to all.  Even people he didn’t know. Eliot Beal – Driver and Customer for many years wrote our family this note. “David reminds me so much of my own Dad.  […]