Summer Adventures in Maine

Think Summer, think summer! These rainy spring days are much better than our frigid January that we had but, we have to think warm. Mud season is here and summer is right around the corner! We are about to have a crazy busy summer in Maine! When the cold finally lifts there is so much […]


Just because you don’t feel like cooking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stuff yourself with mashed potatoes and pie. Our family likes to talk about Dysart’s being a Maine tradition for generations. We like to tell people that we know Maine food. We’ve all enjoyed a lot of it so that helps us with our bragging! […]

Mainah Through & Through

Dysart’s is a family owned business formed by mainers and run by mainers. In designing the menu for the restaurant, meals that were eaten at logging camps in the Northern Maine woods were the inspiration. Hearty meals that were sure to satisfy the true Northern Mainer.  Over the years and through adapting generations and different […]

Dysart’s Coffee Table Cookbook

From the iconic Dysart’s Restaurant is a stunningly photographed cookbook showcasing the favorite Maine recipes that have made Dysart’s unique. It also features stories about our extended family of employees and friends since 1967.  All proceeds are donated to local Cancer Charities. Our recipes, which have been collected and tested by customers over the years, […]

Dysart’s… We are So Much More than a Restaurant!

When thinking of Dysart’s what comes to mind? The Truck Stop in Hermon and The Flatbed Pub on Broadway in Bangor? That’s the most common answer, for sure. But, wait! There is always more! Dysart’s is a family owned and operated business that was opened in 1967. As pictured below you can see where Dysart’s […]

The Photography at Dysart’s

Mary Hartt Photography Thanksgiving week alway makes me think of all of the things I’m grateful for.  The fact that I have always lived in Maine is a big one. . I’m a native Mainer.  One of the benefits of being a photographer is meeting other photographers, “from away”.  Hanging out with them and […]

Happy 7 Years Broadway!

In the spring of 2014 Dysarts Truckstop was 47 years old.  I had just been awarded Maine’s restauranteur of the year by Maine Restaurant Association. We decided it’d be a great idea to open a second restaurant. Super fun idea in theory! A little harder in practice! As a family we were inspired to open a second […]

Baking with Yeast

A behind the scenes look into producing our unforgettable homemade rolls Dysart’s Bakery HERMON, ME Here at Dysart’s we have a committed team of bakers who ensemble over 300 dozen homemade rolls and 1200 loaves of bread for our Restaurants and Travel Stops every week. What makes our products so delicious, keeping you on your toes asking […]

Fresh Maine Apple Pie

Pick ‘em, peEl ’em, and pie ‘em Few things say fall in New England better than an afternoon apple picking.  Families load up their car and drive to an orchard, where growers have trained their trees to grow low to the ground to enable easy access for the pickers.  Bags are filled with bushels of […]